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Sports Betting Sites are a trustworthy international source of guidance to online gambling.

New Jersey sports betting debuted in 2018 and quickly became one of the country's most vibrant markets. Legal sportsbooks are available in casinos and racetracks throughout the state and online via mobile apps.

There are far more choices for horse racing betting online than there are at a horse track. They are also legal ways to win money when betting. Horse betting online is similar to betting on horse racing at a bookmaker. While it is not the same as being at the racetrack, you can get all of the joy and fun from home.

It isn't straightforward for a new bettor to advance in the world of sports betting if they do not understand how to interpret and apply sports betting odds. To play the odds precisely, you must first learn to understand them. Therefore, before you place your first bet, you need to do some research.

Is it legal to bet on sports in New Jersey?

In New Jersey, sports betting is legal. Gov. Phil Murphy approved NJ sports betting into law in June 2018 after a lengthy court battle, and players placed the first legal bets three days later. Then, in July 2018, the first online sportsbooks went live.

Sports Betting Sites Bonuses

Learning how much to bet and when to bet is one of the most important aspects of sports betting. If you are unfamiliar with making bets, you may even require assistance in placing your first bet.

There is also a large variety of NJ sports betting bonus offers available to new and existing players.

There are numerous New Jersey sports betting bonuses available to help you increase your fund. These can take place in the form of a free bet credit or a contest. In addition, they can take the form of significantly increased odds offering a larger payout on specific events.

The majority of the sportsbooks on this page also provide daily boosted odds for New Jersey sports bettors. These deals, of course, change daily. So when you visit one of these sports betting apps such as PA BetRivers app , keep an eye out for New Jersey sports betting promotions.

Options for sports betting

A sports bettor must indicate what they will be betting by selecting and declaring the type and amount of bet they are placing.

After you've signed up and are ready to go, you'll have a variety of choices to choose from there. The menu at online sportsbooks is extensive, with options for both bets and sports wagering. Here are the most common types to place bets:

  • Moneyline - Choose which side you believe will win. The odds will be stacked against the favorite and in favor of the underdog.
  • Totals - This is a wager on a game's final score. Oddsmakers set the bar with a prediction, and bettors can bet money on whether the total will be over or under that line.
  • Straight bets/single bets - wagers on a specific sporting event or game that include a game total, point spread, run line, puck line, or money line. A straight bet requires you to win the game by pushing or covering the point spread. 
  • Parlays - are bets that combine multiple picks on a single slip. With each additional option, your potential return increases, but your odds of winning decrease.
  • Futures - futures market allows bettors to make long-term prognostications, such as who will win the next Super Bowl.
  • Buying points - When betting on a basketball or football game, sports bettors have the option of buying points, which allows them to move the point spread for totals or sides in their favor. 
  • Props - are side-bets on events that may or may not occur during a game. Many of the most prevalent props are from the performance of the players.
  • Live betting - After the game begins, you can place bets in real-time as the action unfolds. It's a fast-paced market where the odds and offerings will be determined by what's going on.


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